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IT Procurement

Many manufacturer and even more products which are almost alike. The IT-Industry is constantly growing and at the same time gaining in complexity. EDP-Services will help you to identify your needs and pick the most convenient products for you IT-Project.

Question like the following will be answered:

- Is every discount computer with 4GB Ram and 2x 3,2 GHz the same?

Which brand is reliable and satisfying?

Which computer do I need to meet my requirements?


Consulting & sale of the following products

  • Software
  • Operating Systems (Windows)
  • Desktop / Computer
  • Notebooks
  • Screens /PC-Monitors
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Printer & Cartridges
  • Fax machines
  • Soundsystems/ PC – Loud peaker
  • Webcams
  • External Hard drives
  • External Drives
  • Internet Router & Switches
  • Other Peripheral Equipment/Accessoires


Your individual computer

Many computers on the market are most of the time equipped with more components than an average user needs. The result, involuntary your pay for dispensable parts and on the other side desired features are still missing. No matter whether you prefer a designer computer or a PC which just needs to meet minimum needs, EDP-Services will build your personal computer which will make your dreams come true.

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On-site installtion

On request we will install components on-site and show you how to use your new product.


24h Express Delivery

Timing plays a very important role in today’s globalised world. Computer systems support our daily life more and more and guarantee smooth operation.

For many products EDP-Services offers a 24h Express Delivery Service.