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EDPS - Help Desk

EDPS - Help Desk is a special service for you.
Just one call and your own und Ihr eigener contact person will answer small questions.

As for example:
- Why does my Outlook signature not appear in new messages?
- How do I format my text? 
- What does this error message mean?

With the most modern remote support software, your contact person will see your sreen thus being able to identify the problem directly. Consequently no necessity to describe your screen and quick help is guranteed.


After successfull setup of your EDPS - Help Desk you will receive the telephone number of your contact person.
During workdays as well as on weekends assistance is aviailable between 10 am. and 10 pm.

You are only being charged for the effective expenditure of time (measured in a 10 minute cycle). Yout save travel costs and immediate assistance is provided.

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